Happy Festival Season! Just here to give you a gentle reminder that what may have been acceptable in 2015 is totally NOT OK in 2016. Take a look at some of the hottest trends we brought back from this years Coachella Music Festival including: where to stay, what to wear, and who to be seen with. 

Before you head out to the desert, you’ll need to have plans for where to stay. Why throw away money on an expensive hotel or dirty Airbnb when you can camp in style in a chic and eco-friendly teepee, complete with ferocious bear. 


Just make sure your new furry friend doesn’t get too lit. Bear don’t kill my vibes. 


No time to purchase a teepee and not enough skills to build one of your own (cause we all know woodshop was the best time in high school to sneak to the bathroom and fix your makeup)? Don’t stress. A hollowed out dead horse is perfect for those windy Indio nights. So soft, cozy, and luxurious – you’ll feel just like Leo!

Let’s not forget festival fashion, which is supes important. Come on, none of us go for the music. Feathered headdresses and colonial military jackets are totally on trend! Remember: what you wear doesn’t need to make sense or even be culturally sensitive, it just has to be sexy. I mean who gives a shit about small pox when you’re jamming out with your best babes to these siqq bands you’ve only kind of heard of, amiright? 



Who you party with (and are photographed next to) can totally make or break your Coachella experience, so be sure to grab your prettiest and thinnest friends. Our friend Becky followed her pre-festival-season diet very closely this year and as you can see, it really paid off. Guys were staring at her all weekend! 



And lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated! It’s important to drink a lot of wine coolers, especially when you’re ingesting large amounts of strange drugs given to you by friendly strangers with colorful jewelry. Sloppy isn’t sexy.





Ruby & Molly